What You Need To Know About Chiropractic Care

Long gone are the days when chiropractic was just an edgy new-kid-on-the-block. The latest statistics show that it’s now the third-largest sub-field of the healthcare landscape. But what exactly is chiropractic therapy, and how can it be of benefit to you? Read on to find out.

What is Chiropractic Care? 

Chiropractic is a therapy that’s built around the body’s ability to heal itself. It focuses on the body’s main structures (muscles, skeleton, and nerves) and how they affect one’s overall health. A fundamental tenet of this approach is that the patient’s wellbeing can be improved by adjusting these structures using special, highly-refined techniques. The practitioners responsible for administering these treatments are known as chiropractors — although, the formal term is ‘Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs).’

Chiropractic care involves manipulating the spinal column plus other musculoskeletal structures to bring them back in alignment, thus putting the body in a position to heal itself. Patients also receive exercise and postural education and other treatments to relieve pain and improve body function. 

The chiropractic approach doesn’t employ drugs or surgical procedures. Still, most DCs work hand-in-hand with primary care physicians, and will thus refer patients for these services if their conditions demand so. Otherwise, a chiropractor will usually work to develop a treatment plan that steers clear of either. 

Chiropractic is widely recognized as an effective solution for inflammation and pain (neck, lower back, and headaches). However, there’s a growing body of evidence indicating that the therapy can provide relief for other conditions. Let’s look at the various ways in which chiropractic care can be beneficial to your wellbeing. 

Aids in Blood Pressure Management

Chiropractic care can help lower blood pressure. That was confirmed in a 2007 study involving fifty subjects, each of whom had misaligned Atlas vertebra and hypertension. A specialized chiropractic procedure that targets nerves in the upper neck region produced a significant decrease in blood pressure — the equivalent of taking a couple of doses of hypertension medications. This was achieved after just one application. And unlike conventional drugs, chiropractic doesn’t bring any unpleasant side effects; no nausea, dizziness, anxiety, fatigue, or anything like that. 

Improves Digestive Functions

The nerves running through your spinal cord are partly responsible for controlling stomach functions. If you regularly experience issues like constipation, gas, or diarrhea, chances are your stomach isn’t to blame — it could be pointing towards issues in your spine. Vertebral misalignment could be causing your nerves to signal for more acid than necessary, causing all kinds of digestive problems as a result. 

Perhaps it’s time you gave chiropractic therapy a try. The treatment will put your spinal cord back in line, which will improve digestive function and make the problems go away — all without the use of drugs. 

Improves Breathing

Spinal misalignments, specifically in the thoracic and mid-cervical regions, inhibit nerve impulses upon which the lungs rely for proper functioning. Chiropractic adjustments have, however, proven effective in eliminating these inhibitions. Studies show that asthmatic individuals who’ve undergone the treatments experience fewer breathing difficulties. 

Better Posture, Balance, and Range of Motion

Like we highlighted earlier, chiropractic care aims to provide more than just relief. A chiropractor will also train you on how to adopt the right posture as you go through your daily activities (sitting, standing, walking, etc.). With time, your energy levels will increase, and you’ll get through the day with less effort. 

Lowers Stress

With pain relief and improved body functions comes the ability to sleep better at night. That puts you in a much better position to deal with the daily stresses of work, family, and whatever else you have going on. It’s also been suggested that chiropractic therapy can ease stress in a similar matter to other mind-body approaches like yoga. 

The Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

Over ninety percent of patients who’ve received chiropractic care in the past year report that it’s highly effective — it is so good that just about all of them recommended it to friends and family. And with no drugs, injections, or knives to be afraid of, there’s nothing to keep you from giving it a try. Make an appointment with a top chiropractor near you and start experiencing these and many other benefits.