About Dr. Josh Wagner

Founder of The Back and Neck Relief Center of Manhattan

From a very young age, I was fortunate to have been groomed to focus on holistic, natural paths to health and wellness. My mother was skeptical when it came to automatically medicating any health concerns, and I took her example to heart.

As a native New Yorker raised in Chappaqua, New York, I attended New York University (NYU) where I graduated pre-med early. I then went on to Atlanta, Georgia to earn my doctorate in Chiropractic at Life University during which time I interned with the largest Torque Release practice in the country – Exodus Chiropractic in Knoxville, TN. The renowned founder of the Torque Release technique, Dr. Jay Holder, of Miami, Florida, became my educator and mentor in the specialty.

I chose to study the Torque Release Technique because it parallels my healing philosophy: Doctors don’t heal, yet assist in creating an environment where the body can heal itself.

When I founded The Back and Neck Relief Center on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, my intentions were clear: to provide the best, all-natural chiropractic care in New York City to restore my patient’s health and make a significant difference in all aspect of their well-being.

Even the subtlest of everyday stresses can mis-align the spine, and lead to back soreness, headaches, low energy, insomnia, a lowered immune system and chronic discomfort. The Torque Release Technique helps restore the proper alignment and tension on the spine and spinal cord without popping, twisting, or cracking the neck or back. Many patients mention to me that they were afraid of chiropractors because they didn’t want their back or neck cracked! I couldn’t agree more.

Here are some components that make getting care at The Back and Neck Relief Center of Manhattan so effective, long-lasting and life changing:

  • •  I treat you as a unique individual; no judgments, no generic approach to your treatment protocol. Your path to health and wellness is as unique as you are, and I respect that.
  • •  You learn that that the innate intelligence that controls and coordinates all function, healing, and growth of the body travels primarily through the nervous system, and that your body does have the ability to heal.
  • •  You come to understand how comprehensive and valuable the chiropractic adjustment is, whether you’re currently in good health or poor health.
  • •  Integrate comprehensive wellness through my eBooks on Fibromyalgia, nutrition, anti-aging, and supplement protocols all exclusively available through The Life House.
  • •  I integrate your care into a realistic, manageable and effective schedule. I’m here to fully support your goals and make living pain-free with full health a possibility and a reality.
  • •  Without a doubt, optimum health begins with a healthy spine, yet that’s just the starting point, and my treatment focus also includes addressing your nutrition and mental well-being. There is no separating them; if one is off, the others are inevitably compromised. It’s my mission to help you restore and rejuvenate yourself to your optimal state of health.

Additional Activities:

  • Speaking/Presentations: I’m honored to be working with some of NYC’s finest organizations. These include being a part of the prestigious Clarins Skin Spa Keynote Speaking Panel, which features New York’s leading health and wellness experts. I give regular presentations at Clarins Skin Spas throughout the city allowing me to showcase additional health-related areas I’m really passionate about, such as effective weight loss and anti-aging strategies. I’m also part of GLOW Beauty Magazine Speakers Bureau in New York City, participating in health and wellness presentations and panels throughout the year. I am also a semi-annual speaker for the parents and faculty at Aaron School which specializes in education for children with learning disorders.
  • For the non-local patient, phone consults are available.

Please be sure to visit the rest of my site for a wealth of media coverage and videos on the Torque Release Technique, Nutrition, and Healthy Lifestyle choices. For all the latest news, events, tips and updates on The Back and Neck Relief Center follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Josh Wagner