Top 13 Food Sources for Long Term Health and Longevity

Notice the diversity and distinction of the foods listed below for their nutrient dense content and overall health benefits.  How many of them would you estimate you consume on a weekly basis?

Remember, this isn’t to say that food sources not listed here are not healthy, but I’ve taken this list from colleagues whose immense knowledge and research has led them to this list for the maximum beneficial nutrient density and diversity.

1.    Butter from grass-fed cows (raw)

2.    Oysters

3.    Liver from grass-fed animals

4.    Eggs from grass-fed hens

5.    Cod liver oil

6.    Fish eggs

7.    Whole raw milk from grass-fed cows

8.    Bone broth

9.    Wild salmon

10.  Whole yoghurt or kefir

11.  Beef from grass-fed steers

12.  Sauerkraut

13.  Organic Beets

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