Are you trapped in a daily life of Post-It note “To-Do” lists?

Lists.  Little neon square post-it notes of “To-Do’s” flood your desk, winking at you
menacingly each morning, a reminder of another meticulously-ordered day yet to come.
Sound familiar?  We all have our daily “To-Do” lists.  But lists-aside, do you really set goals for yourself?  And of those To-Dos, how many are actually priorities?

We often get caught up in the daily day-to day “to-do’s”: the laundry, the groceries, the
taxes.  But we forget about the “big picture” goals.  Stop worrying about the post-it note
tasks; they will get done.  Have they ever not?  And if they did not, have they really ever mattered in the grand scheme?  Take a mental leap and think big.  What do you really want?  Perhaps it’s time to try that painting class you’ve been itching to experience.  Maybe you want to participate in the next local race.  Or perhaps you want to find time to read for pleasure each day.

So take a moment, no more than 30 seconds, and think.  Listen to your thoughts—what
do you want?  Consider 3 possibilities in the future you want to be yours.  Now write
them down.  By writing down your goals you’ve just found the 3 things you
most want to attain.  And even more, you’ve exposed them to yourself.

The next step?  Focus on these goals.  By visualizing the outcome, you automatically set
yourself on a forward path geared towards achieving your end goal.  And by focusing on
the “what,” the outcome, as opposed to the “how,” the means of attaining the outcome,
you may just find that the steps towards achievement will fall into place.   Now all you have “to do” is take action steps each day in the direction of that goal, which is now a priority and something you are passionate about, rather than another task.  What’s more, if
you truly acknowledge what you really want, you allow yourself to stretch to new limits.

The best part of partaking in a quest for goals such as these is that you give yourself the
chance to explore your true desires in life.  Goal setting is a way to not only achieve
an end, but also to way discover the unknown.  So take the leap, leave the post-it notes
behind, and discover your true self.

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