Tilapia: What You Need To Know…


Fish may not always be good for you. Fish can either be incredibly healthy or detrimental to our health, depending on where it’s sourced. There’s a world of difference between fish caught in the wild, and farm bred or farm-raised fish.

The most common offenders of farm raised fish are:

Sea bass
Why is Farm Raised Fish So Bad for You?

1. Causes Inflammation

Farm raised Tilapia has always been a popular source for fish because it’s widely available and also very inexpensive.  Tilapia is the perfect factory fish; it happily eats pellets made largely of corn and soy to gain weight rapidly, easily converting a diet that resembles cheap chicken feed into low-cost seafood. 

Tilapia can increase the body’s inflammatory response, leading to serious health problems. People who have started eating more fish as a way to get their dose of omega-3-fatty-acids and lessen their risk of heart attacks should avoid Tilapia. In fact, scientists have found that the inflammatory potential of Tilapia is greater than that of a hamburger or even bacon!

2. Contains Cancer Causing Pollutants

Farm bred fish may have at least 10 times the cancer causing pollutants compared to their wild counter parts. This is most likely be attributed to the feeds used on farm-raised fish. Did you know chicken feces is one of the main ingredients in farm fish feed. 

3. Contains Antibiotics and Pesticides

Where do farm bred fish get their antibiotics? The crowded conditions of fish farms cause the fish to be more susceptible to disease. To keep them alive, farm owners give massive amounts of antibiotics to the fish to fend off disease. Farm bred fish are also treated with pesticides to combat sea lice. The pesticides used to treat these fish are so deadly that they have been found to kill wild salmon that are accidentally exposed to them. 

4. Low Levels of Nutrients

Many of us consume fish, hoping to reap the omega-3 fatty acid benefits that come with it. However, did you know that the omega-3-acids found in farm raised fish are less usable to our bodies compared to wild bred fish, and they also have a lower protein content?  Not only that, because farm raised fish are kept in cages, they have the tendency to contain more fat, and can have a higher concentration of omega-6 acids. The problem with getting too much omega 6 acids is that they it causes inflammation to the body

5. Contains Toxic Chemicals

Dibutylin levels (toxic chemical used in PVC plastics) is said to be 6 times higher in farm raised mussels compared to wild ones. Dibutylin is toxic and can impair immune system function while also contributing to inflammation.

6. Contains Even MORE Toxic Chemicals

Dioxin levels (toxic chemical) are 11 times higher in farm bred salmon compared to wild salmon. Dioxin is actually a very toxic chemical that can contribute to cancer and other complications. The problem with dioxin is that once it enters our system, it can take a very long time until it is let out.

This is why I recommend eating Wild Caught fish like Wild Sockeye Salmon. Wild caught salmon is loaded with Omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA, and has incredible health benefits. 

Where to Get Wild Caught Fish

1. Local Health Food Stores, Whole Foods. Be careful though, because “wild caught” can be a loosely used term, so ask.  This means that the fish could be farm raised, then released into a lake, and then “caught” back up.  Seriously, labeling is that absurd.

2. Online.  I trust Vital Choice, it’s where I order my wild caught Salmon.


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