The Top 7 Fat Burning Foods

Weight loss is almost always a topic of discussion. With the holiday season just ahead of us, eating, weight loss, and how to shed those unwanted holiday pounds comes up in many conversations. In fact, according to an article in the New York Post the average person gains about one pound during the six week holiday season. Doesn’t sound too bad until you take a closer look at the whole picture.

According to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine, that one pound gained in the short six week period is never lost and accounts for more than fifty percent of the weight the average person gains all year. What’s more is that it was reported in a study out of Tufts University for the USDA that overweight or obese people gain even more weight during the six week holiday season averaging in at five pounds.

You can stop worrying about your waistline when you add these seven amazing little fat burning foods to your daily diet. Of course that doesn’t mean you should give up exercise or eating a diet of mostly ‘real’ or ‘live’ foods. It also doesn’t mean you should overeat.

What it does mean is if you want to maintain the perfect weight for you then adding these seven essentials to your diet is key. When you give your body the right nutrients in the correct amounts it will reward you with a vibrant, youthful body inside and out.  Our job is to provide it with the nutrients it needs to do so.

Top Fat Burning Food #1: Cayenne Pepper


Touted by the likes of supermodel Giselle Bundchen and pop star diva Beyonce as weight loss secrets, cayenne pepper or capsicum has been used medicinally for centuries. Originally used by natives of Mexico and Africa this spicy pepper helps the body’s diet induced thermogenisis or production of heat. Studies on cayenne pepper also indicate that it aids in the increase of lipid oxidation. Lipid oxidation is when fat is burned for energy – a highly desirable action for weight loss.

But cayenne pepper’s connection to weight loss doesn’t end there. Cayenne peppers have been linked to decreased appetite and retarding or slowing the growth of fat cells. All of these are important factors in losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

Top Fat Burning Food #2: Cinnamon

The smells of cinnamon take me to a place of comfort and warmth. This spice was once more valuable than gold and the medicinal uses for cinnamon date back to the days of the Egyptians.

When it comes to weight loss and cinnamon, new research out of a Maryland USDA research center revealed a surprise. Cinnamon was found to lower blood sugar levels. As this discovery was ‘accidental’ the team went on to further investigate cinnamon and blood sugar.

In a separate study conducted on sixty adults diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes the researchers found that taking as little as one-quarter to two teaspoons a day of cinnamon dramatically changed the sufferers blood sugar levels and insulin output. High blood sugar levels are closely associated with weight gain and obesity.

Add this spice to your coffee, tea, and sweet snacks for added flavor and a health boost.

Top Fat Burning Food #3: Ginger

Ginger is traditionally associated with the pickled type you get with sushi. However there’s a lot more to ginger than cleansing your palate. Ginger was once so popular in Europe it appeared on every dinner table as does today’s salt and pepper.

Ginger is a known metabolic activator and has been thought to increase metabolism by as much as twenty percent. Some people swear by ginger’s appetite suppressing abilities too. Although there is no scientific data on ginger and weight loss specifically, adding this to your daily diet is a powerful way to help balance your body. A balanced body is a healthy body.

Ginger can also help improve digestion and even soothe an upset stomach.

Top Fat Burning Food #4: Citrus Fruits

Most people know that citrus fruits are high in vitamin C. And we all know that vitamin C is great to fight off colds and flu’s, but did you know that research reveals that the higher amount of vitamin C found in the blood the lower the body fat?

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that the higher the levels of vitamin C found in adult blood samples, the smaller the waistline of the adult. Vitamin C oxidizes body fat or burns fat which is the theory behind the higher vitamin C levels and slimmer waistlines.

So eat up those oranges and grapefruits, and add some lemons or limes to your water! You’ll not only be fighting off winter sickness, you’ll be burning fat too!

Top Fat Burning Food #5: Berries and Apples

Berries and apples are not only loaded with great nutrients they also come perfectly packaged with pectin. Pectin is a water-soluble complex carbohydrate. Simply put pectin is sort of like a natural gum or gel. When you eat fresh fruits or veggies with pectin the cells absorb it up instead of the fat.

Top Fat Burning Food #6: Wild Salmon

There’s a lot of talk about losing weight with no-fat and low-fat foods. But somewhere along the way we forgot all about the healthy fats that are in fact essential for our well being. Essential fatty acids or EFAs are a key nutrient to keep the body balanced and healthy.

Wild salmon is one of the best sources of EFAs. They work to help fight obesity in a number of ways. One way is that Omega-3 fatty acids found in wild salmon work to decrease the body’s insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a strong factor in weight gain and diabetes.

Additionally, wild salmon’s omega-3’s encourage the body’s production of leptin. Leptin is a component of the body’s natural weight control process. This vital hormone works to burn fat and suppress the appetite. Make it a priority to eat wild salmon, not farm-raised salmon, a few times a week.

Top Fat Burning Food #7: Garlic

With all the craze for vampire movies these days you’d think garlic was just to ward off these mythical creatures. But as you probably already know garlic offers an abundance of health benefits, including helping to fight obesity.

Garlic acts as a thermogenic in the body which revs up the heat producing process of the body. In addition, garlic has been linked to lower blood sugar levels, and as a fat burning enhancer. Garlic contains allicin which is known to reduce unhealthy fats in the body. Remember when the body has the nutrients it needs, it’s better able to balance and heal itself. This includes maintaining or achieving a healthy weight.

Now, don’t get me wrong, don’t expect to sit in front of the television day after day eating ice cream, chips, and greasy fries then sprinkle some garlic on your pasta the next day and lose weight. But what you can do is continue (or begin) on a regular, daily exercise regimen, eat real foods as much as you’re able, and reduce your intake of fake foods, then incorporate the above seven weight loss super foods into your daily life for an added boost.

These seven foods are highly nutritious in numerous ways and will give your body the additional tools it needs to lose weight. Give it a try and see how you feel.


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