The Top 5 Allergy Fighters

1 in 5 people, or an estimated 50 million Americans sugger from all types of allergies, according to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America. The chances are high that you or someone you know suffers from an allergy of some kind. Most people who are struggling with an allergy go to the doctor to be treated and are routinely given pharmaceuticals from acetaminophens to antihistamines, both of which can aggravate the allergy symptoms it was given for.

What’s important to understand is when the body is trying to combat an allergic reaction to something, whether it is something as simple as a skin allergy like eczema or if it is something more complex like a food allergy it is because something is not right within your body therefore it cannot fight off the allergen by its own defenses, hence you get allergy symptoms.

When we take prescribed medications for allergies what happens is they disturb the natural process and PH balance of our body’s immune system so that we will always have to take a drug to alleviate the symptoms from whatever allergy we are suffering from. What’s more is all these allergy drugs and toxic creams do is alleviate/hide the symptoms but the problem gone awry in our body still exists. This is why it is so important that we give our body a break from the toxicity of pharmaceuticals and provide it with the remedies that grow naturally in nature.

Besides watching what we eat, getting plenty of fresh air, drinking plenty of pure water, and making sure we have a healthy and balanced nervous system, there are natural remedies to many of the allergies that afflict us today. There is more good news: Caring for our bodies in the more natural way provides our body with what it needs to repair itself, bringing it back into balance so it can fight off the allergy we are suffering from.

1. Garlic

What’s so fantastic about garlic? Garlic is a natural antibiotic that wards off infections, viruses and even allergies. Eating or juicing two raw cloves of this powerful antioxidant literally keeps the doctor away! Some people go for the supplements because they don’t want to smell like garlic, but the supplements do not work as well as the real herb does, so don’t be deceived by this. Raw garlic eaten every day will fight off all types of allergies because it boosts your immune system immensely. Garlic is definitely the herb to live for since it truly helps us to breathe better and live healthier lives.

2. Lemons

As most of us know an alkaline body means better balance and immune function. Lemons and limes are excellent immune boosting little fruits and are used for various afflictions, including allergies. Both of these little fruits are loaded with Vitamin C and immune boosting antioxidants. Drinking lemon water throughout the day detoxifies the body and rids it of impurities.

Do not get confused with lemonade and lemon water, however. Lemonade made with refined sugar causes all kinds of skin problems as well as weight gain and low resistance to infections and allergies. Go for the pure lemon water without refined sugar. Healthful Food Tip: Mix the juice of one or two lemons or limes with olive oil to make a wonderful tasting dressing for salads and veggie sandwiches.

3. Raw Local Honey

Raw honey contains bee pollen, which is known to ward off infections, allergies, and boost immunity. If you suffer from seasonal allergies here is something to think about. The bees in your neighborhood are going from flower to flower collecting pollen that you are suffering from. It would make sense then that eating local RAW honey in your neighborhood made from those same flowers will build up your immunity to the pollen allergies where you live.

4. Butterbur

In a study, published in the British Medical Journal, a group of Swiss researchers showed how just one tablet of butterbur taken four times daily was as effective as a popular antihistamine drug in controlling symptoms of hay fever — without the traditional symptom of drowsiness that sometimes occurs. In a second study, a group of British researchers found that butterbur worked effectively in relieving symptoms of grass allergies. Who needs drugs when you can find what you need naturally in nature?

Butterbur is a big leafy green plant native to Europe and has been used for generations to alleviate migraine headaches, stomach ulcers, coughs, allergies and asthma. It is available in extracts, teas, tablets and capsules. It is always best to use the product in its natural form so taking it as a tea or as an extract is the best way to use Butterbur for allergy symptoms.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar was used by Hippocrates, the father of medicine to treat numerous health conditions. Organic raw apple cider vinegar is used for numerous medicinal purposes such as boosting immunity, controlling weight and caring for the skin and hair; it promotes alkalinity and PH balance of the body, which is one reason why it works great as a natural remedy to ward off all types of allergies.

Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurized and 5% acidity. ACV Contains the amazing Mother of Vinegar which occurs naturally as strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules. If you take a good look at a jar of apple cider vinegar you will see little floating strands in the cider, this is the living enzymes that work to fight off infection and bring balance back to your body.

The best way to use apple cider vinegar for your allergies is on a consistent basis. Mix 1 tablespoon ACV with 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1/2 tablespoon raw bees honey and drink three times a day. Let it go to work in your body. It may take several weeks before you see any positive results. Be patient as this mixture of natural ingredients begins to balance out your GI tract and build up your natural defenses to fight off all types of allergies.

Nature provides us with what we need to live a healthy, balanced life, as long as we use it. What is 1 step you can take today that will cause you to live a more natural lifestyle, promoting wellness and preventing early aging and stress in your life?


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