Winter Season

Though many of us complain about the shorter days upon us, the onset of winter offers us an opportunity to rest, something we must do if we are to be as healthy as we want.

It makes sense that at this time of year we take time to settle in for the night, enjoying the peace and quiet, and seeking stillness amidst the chaos around us. Clearly, with so few hours of daylight it doesn’t make sense to plan outdoor activities and start new projects.  Therefore, it is wisest and completely natural to “come inside” and focus on resting.

Despite the fact that we live in a culture where we have to be constantly producing and moving forward or else people call us lazy, we must pay attention to this season and what it requires.   During this “long night,” try to let go of the misconception that resting is a waste of time.  Rather, come inside, settle in and be still, understanding that our growth requires it.

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