Our approach

The Life House Chiropractic is unique in its approach of identifying and correcting the underlying cause of your problem, instead of simply treating the symptoms.

We understand that doctors do not do the healing, your body does. We put your body in the best position to do so, and assist you every step of the way in making quality choices for a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life.

A personal one on one consultation with Dr. Wagner always precedes the start of care. On the same visit a complete assessment including EEG (non invasive computerized scan of brain function) will take place. Also included is a follow up report of findings on how we can best help you.

The human body is fragile and can be slow to heal if not placed in the right environment, or without conscious effort and professional care and guidance. The technical expertise and knowledge delivered by The Life House Chiropractic will provide you with care at the cutting-edge of treatment of conditions associated with chronic pain as well as mental or emotional conditions you may be suffering from.

Care given is always specific to you and your goals.

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