Long-Term Relief From Back Pain – Not Forceful, No “Cracking”

Did you know that most often the pain you experience in your back or neck is due to irritation on the nerves of the spine? This can be due to spinal misalignment, disc issues, or pinched nerves. If the pain continues for more than a few days or it expands towards the legs or shoulders, it is often more than just muscle strain. If unchecked and corrected, it often leads to worse conditions like shooting pain, strong headaches, or sleep problems that become chronic.

Dr. Josh Wagner is an experienced chiropractor who specializes in treating back pain at his Upper East Side office. During your initial complimentary consultation, he will examine you and provide a detailed analysis as to the root cause of your condition. Unlike other chiropractors, Dr. Wagner uses a non-invasive, non-manipulative, non-forceful spinal care approach which allows the body to naturally correct itself, leading to long term results, stability, and pain-free living. Common patient benefits include:

  • Elimination of Pain and Muscle Tension
  • Increased Sleep Quality
  • Increased Daily Energy
  • Increased Flexibility and Ability to Exercise
  • Reduction in Mental Stress

What technique Dr. Wagner uses to treat back pain and other chronic conditions?

Dr. Wagner often finds that the key to improving patients’ health is restore the proper alignment and tension on the spine and spinal cord. He mainly uses a chiropractic technique that gets results without popping, twisting, or cracking the neck or back of patinets and is called Torque Release (TRT). “Many patients mention to me that they were afraid of chiropractors because they do not want their back or neck cracked! None of that occurs with TRT care”, explains Dr. Wagner.

Using a special instrument, Dr. Wagner delivers a very gentle adjustment to the neck or low back, stimulating the spine to correct and re-align itself, relieving many of the conditions people deal with every day, like neck and back pain, migraines, sleep problems, low energy, and overall stress. During your visits to his office, he will perform scans of your nervous system to allow both of you to observe in real-time actual photos before and after each adjustments session. Dr. Wagner’s patients often report feeling an immediate relief and long term results can be achieved within a month of treatments.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dr. Wagner

  • Only doctor in Manhattan that specializes in TRT, a non-invasive technique that does not use force to “crack” your back or neck
  • Dr. Wagner successfully treated hundreds of patients who no longer suffer from chronic back and neck pains.
  • His patients experience improvements in overall mood, decrease of stress, better sleep and higher energy levels.
  • Dr. Wagner studied in NYU before earning his doctorate degree in Chiropractic in Georgia & training in the largest TRT practice in the U.S.
  • His boutique practice allows him to pay attention to the personal needs of each of his patients and work together with them to significantly improve their health.

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