Got Allergies?

Throughout my youth before attending NYU, I could eat anything without consequence.

Not only didn’t I gain weight, but never had allergies, food sensitivities, or any of the food reactions so common today.

That has certainly changed.

Now, I know when I eat foods that disagree with my system.  For instance, after heavy carbs, gluten, dairy and low quality meats, I experience a drop in energy and even mental sluggishness.

So I try to avoid eating these foods, especially during practice days.

To satisfy my curiosity, I recently took one of the most recommended food sensitivity tests – the ALCAT.

I was very surprised by the results I just got back.

For example, turns out I am VERY sensitive to coconut and egg yolk – 2 foods I love and value nutritionally.

Maybe because over the last 5 years I’ve had a spoonful of coconut oil almost every morning and my body is saying “That’s enough…”

I get to have a 30 min consult with an ALCAT rep, so I look forward to finding out why and how these results showed up?

Whether out of curiosity, or you know you have sensitivities but cannot pinpoint which foods, I recommend trying one of the ALCAT tests for yourself.
It could be a factor in weight loss resistance, skin issues, hormones, and even your energy levels.

Even if you’ve not a patient of mine, I can approve the test for you since it needs to be ordered through a practitioner.

It’s super simple, and provides valuable information that lasts a lifetime.

Click HERE to choose a test that fits your interest.

Always looking out for you,

Dr Josh Wagner

PS – A nurse from their company will come to your location to do the blood draw in 15 minutes – it’s so convenient.

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