Doing Nothing

People often think that being still in meditation means “doing nothing.”  This could not be further from the truth!  Ask someone who devotes time in the day to meditate and “do nothing” how much more productive and focused they are for having been still in meditation earlier.  It is the stillness that gives to us the extreme focus to concentrate on those aspects of our lives which we choose to be priorities, rather than “to-do’s”.  When we focus on priorities, we may not get more things done, but we accomplish far more to what matters in our life.

So, “doing nothing” is actually doing something very important and critical to living a very healthy, peaceful, and fulfilled life.

Try the practice of sitting quietly and continuously without getting sidetracked by thoughts and stories that arise-instead, just let them go and return back to nothing.  Focus on your breathing.  During these short days and long nights, it is the perfect opportunity to begin a practice of meditation, even if for only 5 minutes in the morning or before going to bed, which are the most powerful times to practice.

By being still and in a state of conscious awareness, we can return to a more fulfilling way of being.  Sitting still with your mind at rest means intentionally letting go of any preoccupation with the future, or concern of the past. As you return to the present moment you can live far more powerfully and effectively, no matter what you are up to in life!

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