The Life House recommends chiropractic care during pregnancy.

Studies show that women receiving chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy are able to carry and deliver with more comfort, require fewer interventions during labor, have reduced need for analgesics during delivery by half, decrease the average amount of time spent in labor, and spend 39% less time in labor when giving birth for the 2nd or 3rd time.

Set-up an individual consultation with your spouse to discuss what care is best for the greatest natal experience and for the health of your child.

Infertility Case Study

Reduction of Vertebral Subluxation using Torque Release Technique with Changes in Fertility

Elizabeth Anderson-Peacock, DC, DICCP

Objective: This article offers a description of two women who presented with varying complaints to a family-based chiropractic practice. In each case one of the complaints was infertility.

Clinical Features: In both case histories, the women had been deemed medically infertile and artificial insemination was being considered. Upon presentation, complete chiropractic evaluations were performed which detected spinal subluxations.

Chiropractic Care and Outcome: Torque Release Technique Protocols were utilized for both evaluation and application of care. Adjustments were performed with an instrument, the Integrator, to improve spinal-neural integrity. During the course of chiropractic care both women were able to conceive.

Conclusion: Although chiropractic care is not a treatment for infertility, it is postulated that improvement of spinal neural integrity through specific chiropractic adjustments may have contributed to improved homeostasis and physiological adaptation thus allowing the body to express a greater level of health as an outcome. Various effects via the reduction of the vertebral subluxation complex are postulated.