Beyond the Back: My Personal Path to an All-Natural Healing Practice

So many people have asked me, “How does a chiropractor come to know so much about natural healing, nutrition, and supplements?” After all, we’re specifically trained to focus solely on treating chronic back and neck pain, right?

For me, the traditional, one-dimensional approach to chiropractic care was never really an option. As anyone who visits my blog, Facebook or Twitter pages knows, I am a passionate advocate for ALL kinds of health and wellness information — body, mind and spirit. I believe optimum health begins with a healthy spine, yet that’s also the starting point, and my treatment focus includes addressing your nutrition, and mental and spiritual self, as well. There is no separating them; if one is out of whack, the others are inevitably compromised.

My path to understanding the body and its amazing natural healing powers has certainly been a journey, and that journey continues today. Early on, I was groomed to be holistically inclined thanks to my mother, who was skeptical of immediately medicating health conditions. I also greatly admired my older brother, who refused to consume any artificial supplements (steroids/creatine/even protein powder) in his pursuit of muscle growth and body building. So when I began to pursue a chiropractic career during my undergraduate years at NYU, this understanding and philosophy of healthy living resonated with me from the very start.

What’s most interesting to me is that my growing understanding of chiropractic actually led to my spiritual growth. The underlying premise of chiropractic is to deliver a specific adjustment to the spine in order to restore greater neurological connection throughout the body. When one understands that the innate intelligence that controls and coordinates all function, healing, and growth of the body travels primarily through the nervous system, it is relatively easy to see how comprehensive and valuable the chiropractic adjustment is to an individual, whether they’re currently in good health or poor health.

When I came to understand that the body’s own innate intelligence is merely an individuation of the intelligence that coordinates and runs nature, (i.e., the world, think of all the natural laws, deemed “universal intelligence”), the chiropractic adjustment immediately took on a greater significance in the metaphysical sense of “re-connecting man physical to man spiritual” as the founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer, exclaimed in 1895.

This spiritual component came into play for me through a greater understanding of Universal Intelligence, due in large part to the writings of authors such as Neale Donald Walsch (whose work I was gratefully introduced to before I even started chiropractic school). This universal organizing intelligence is responsible for how the world operates and evolves in every sense, essentially the law of cause and effect (i.e. nothing happens at random). Many people use the term God to interpret this. Many people interpret God as something else. To each his own!

But Neale’s books shed light on questions that I had never asked, never had been exposed to, and cleared up many confusions or grey areas in the more meaningful areas of life like our relationship with ourselves, others, the world as a whole, and what is our purpose in life.

Through my own personal growth while studying in graduate school, I came to understand that the key dis-connection in a person’s body almost always begins first consciously, in response to a person’s mindset, beliefs and attitude. This then triggers the spine to mis-align subtly, or “lock up” (think of an angry or depressed person’s posture compared to an optimistic, enthusiastic person’s posture). So even though spinal misalignment can also be the cause for affecting the emotions and consciousness of the individual, it is a constant feedback loop that reinforces the other, and being able to impact a person’ s conscious to better “re-connect” him/her is an invaluable gift, along with the chiropractic adjustment.

The works of Eckhard Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, John DiMartini, Werner Erhard (to name just a few), and many of the traditional philosophical foundations such as Buddhism have played an intricate role in my developing strategies to also contribute to others on a conscious level purely through communication.

I look at healing as a comprehensive journey and experience, and that ‘natural’ is always best. That’s why I chose to specialize in what to me was the most amazing, powerful (and natural) chiropractic healing modality, Torque Release Technique. The amazing results I see my patients achieve is highly gratifying, but never a surprise. I know there are no limits to the body’s extraordinary ability to increase performance level, heal and achieve extraordinary health, and my life experience and training only adds to that belief.

Now it’s your turn. Who are some of your favorite authors, or health mentors or role models? What are your beliefs about healing and creating optimum health? Send me your thoughts and inspirations (use the box, above right), and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

3 Responses to Beyond the Back: My Personal Path to an All-Natural Healing Practice

  1. Ben says:

    HI Josh, I’m wondering what you think if you believe someone who’s got a lot of negative emotions, stored stress or trauma, etc., is the cause of any ill health, spinal misalignment, etc., or if its just due to injury, genetics, poor posture, etc. Do you discuss this with someone before treatment?

  2. Dr Josh says:

    Ben, great question. You are definitely correct. Often the main underlying precursor is stored emotional stress contributing to a stressed nervous system (and even spinal misalignment). I address this before and during care with those I see.

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