Patient Experiences

“The daily chronic pain I was experiencing went away completely!”

My results with Dr. Wagner have been remarkable! A few months ago I was suffering with panic attacks and severe anxiety with mild depression. I really thought there was no help for me until I met with Dr. Josh at The Life House, he invited me to an orientation to meet a few patients undergoing care and I started treatment immediately, without any medication. His technique called Torque Release Technique is highly effective, he uses a small integrator that applies gentle adjustments to areas of the spinal column. Dr. Wagner’s expertise will not only change your life it will change the way you do everything, I see my life in a whole new way. What I admire most about his practice is his dedication to his work, he offered me coaching exercises that really helped with things I’ve kept inside. I thank him for all that he has done for me thus far and I highly recommend you making an appointment!
- Cheryl

“Before seeing Dr. Wagner, I was on 5 medications at age 37. Now, 6 months later I am on none and healthier and happier than I have ever experienced!”

“My daughter has never breathed easier since being adjusted with Torque Release, after suffering with asthma since age 5. I even notice she doesn’t get sick as much either. Thank you Dr. Wagner”

“Before seeing Dr Josh Wagner for the past two months, I had a few health issues such as allergies, low energy, and digestive problems. After starting the Torque Release Care program, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my physical and emotional health.

The treatment is very easy and quick; you come to Dr. Wagner’s office, lie face down on the table as he adjusts you accordingly, and you’re done within 10 minutes. He is very personable and interested in your well-being as he offers advice or encourages you to make small lifestyle changes. I was told to reduce my dairy and soda intake, which I did. After several sessions, I noticed that my allergies improved. My energy has increased, and when I did get a cold (as I frequently do) my recovery time was much quicker than usual! I also feel more calm and relaxed.

I highly recommend anyone to try this technique, whether young or old. Whether you have pain, illness, or just want to improve the quality of your life, Dr. Wagner’s Torque Technique will definitely help make you feel better overall.”
- Foster

“I’m an 84 year old man who had Polio in my mid 20′s. For all practical purposes I recovered full mobility and strength in back and legs. In the past 4 years I have been experiencing past polio weakness in the mid and upper legs with accompanying discomfort, weakness, and involuntary stooping while walking. Meeting Dr Wagner at a social occasion he noted my condition and briefly told me of his unique chiropractic method of treatment. I learned the detail of his method, it made sense, and I began a series of treatments. After the first treatment the pain which I had been living with for some period of time went away and has stayed away for over a month. The additional treatments reinforce the unbelievable results of the first as well as significantly relieving the involuntary stooping posture.
- Bill

“Dr Josh, I want to say how happy I am that I chose you to be my Chiropractor. It is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my Total Health and Well Being. In addition to being a wonderful and skilled practitioner you also show sincere interest in your patients Emotional, Mental and Spiritual life as well. You clearly and openly recognize, honor and respect the profound connection between these aspects of “Being”, physical symptoms and the great role this relationship plays in each individual’s Healing Process. You’re willingness to; Take the time to teach/explain to your patients the work you do and have the courage to take responsibility as a True Healer and become involved in every patient’s “Total Well Being” are unique qualities not often seen in most Health practitioners. I want to Thank you Dr Josh for sharing your knowledge, healing skills…and for showing Interest, Patience, Understanding, Kindness, Compassion, Generosity and Support towards me as I continue my own Healing Journey. And Thanks again for just being “YOU”.
Bless you!

Sandra Credendino
(Creator/Founder, Director Synderesis Life Design and Healing)

Immediately after leaving your offices I caught a taxi and went home to meet my daughter Eden to go grocery shopping. One of those large minivan type stopped and my immediate thought was “oh no” (I had been struggling to even get into these things, lifting my leg was really become a problem). I lifted my leg and slid in with as much grace as one can muster getting into those things..but my hip did not feel as stiff as usual..(I was thinking this is a fluke..) Eden and I walked around the grocery store for about 2 hours..way longer than usual..I did not have any back pain, (that usually would cut our trips short).. I was tired when we got home, really through only having slept 3 hours the night before because of my chronic allergies. I went to bed at 9.30pm and slept all the way through until 4.36am..super late for me..I did not sneeze once in the night, I did not have to get up and get a mountain of tissue as has been the usual routine..I laid awake and I only sneezed twice..amazing..truly amazing..I lifted my arm, moved my legs..and there was just a slight twinge in my hip..I fell back to sleep and did not want to get up..finally comfort! I finally got up at 6.00am and began my usualy routine..I was bending, my habit reaction was to bend slowly..but it didn’t hurt, I could get down the subway steps without holding the rail, and I walked for 30mins today..I cannot wait untill MONDAY!!
- Nikki