6 Question You Should Ask About the Flu (shot)

The fall weather is fast approaching and the notorious “flu season” is upon us. Just like every year we’re advised to get the flu vaccine or suffer terrible consequences…

The CDC wants almost everyone to be vaccinated. So should you get the shot – or not?

Did you know the Flu vaccine actually weakens your immune system and many times makes you more predisposed to illnesses, even the flu itself? The vaccine can put one’s health at great risk – from immune system complications such as allergies, autoimmune diseases, and ear infections to toxicity issues with many of the vaccines given today still containing mercury and formaldehyde. Ultimately, the statistics between those who get the flu after receiving the shot and those who don’t are rather similar… Isn’t that interesting?!

Why does 1 person get the flu, while another living in the exact environment, does not?

This question is a hallmark for understanding health and how our body works. You see, whether it is cancer, allergies, the flu, or a fever, the underlying factor is always ourselves, not the disease. What this means is that it is our body’s inability to fight off an outside invader (or internal disease) that ultimately causes us to get sick, not the outside bacteria, virus, or “disease” itself. How could 2 people living in the same exact environment not be exposed to the exact same elements? It’s impossible, they always are. Yes, some bacteria are harder to fend off than others, but it always comes down to the strength of the immune system’s ability to protect itself, before the strength of the outside pathogen.

That is why the first priority in all matters of health is to build ourselves up strongest 1st before attempting to attack everything else, because there is a never ending supply of outside invaders!


Who Should Get the Flu Shot?

It’s nobody’s job to tell you to get a flu shot (or not get one) and that includes your own primary care physician. Informed consent and an individual making a knowledgeable decision based upon unbiased information they have been provided and researched themselves are my best advice. Unfortunately, most people don’t know much about the flu vaccine other than what the media, their friend, or their doctor tells them, so they think there is nothing wrong with receiving it. They’re told it will prevent the flu and comes without any risk; or the ever-popular claim that “catching the flu will be much, much worse than getting sick from the shot.”

So How Accurate is This Year’s Vaccine?

Each year, federal health agency officials try to guess which three flu strains are most likely to be prevalent in the U.S. the following year to determine which strains will be included in the next year’s flu vaccine. Funny thing is, it can only be based on the previous year’s strain. Did you know there are thousands of strains of flu that adapt, change, and evolve every single season? So if we are basing this coming season’s vaccine on last season’s strain, will we ever get it accurate? No wonder people who get vaccinated get the flu just as often as those who do not. This is the question I posed to a CDC MD. He didn’t have a response.

What If You Are Nursing…?

The drug companies also note that it is not known whether their vaccine is excreted in human milk. Since many drugs are excreted in human milk, they advise caution when administering the vaccine to a nursing mother. It is also not known whether the drugs can cause fetal harm or how they affect reproduction capacity in women. Furthermore, the vaccines have not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility. Yet, the CDC continues to recommend all pregnant women get the flu shot since they too are “high risk.” Confused yet?

How About Tamiflu For Your Flu?

That is the drug available if you get the flu to prevent new virus particles from being released, thus slowing or stopping the spread of the virus. On average, a person recovers 30% faster on Tamiflu. Common adverse drug reactions associated with Tamiflu include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and headache , which are all symptoms of the flu…Yes? Rare reactions even include hepatitis and elevated liver enzymes.
I believe in maintaining a strong immune system through living a healthy life and taking natural preventive measures, and making choices which promote health and well-being.

The flu shot is not part of this plan.

How to Best Avoid the Flu? 9 Best Practices

1. Avoid refined foods such as white sugars, (especially high fructose corn syrup), and flour which suppress the immune system
2. ALWAYS avoid fake sweeteners like Splenda and NutraSweet
3. Avoid “bad” fats – partially hydrogenated oils
4. Reduce the amount of omega 6 fats in your diet which are in many packaged, baked, and fast foods. They’re the corn, soy, safflower, peanut, and yes even canola oil.
5. Eat organic vegetables and lots of them
6. Drink plenty of pure filtered water
7. Limit caffeine intake (coffee, tea, chocolate, & sodas)
8. Exercise daily…break a sweat! It is wonderful for your skin health too.
9. Get plenty of high quality sleep (and correct your sleep problems)
10. Make sure your nervous system is balanced. Specific chiropractic adjustments balance the nervous system and increase your immune  response.


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