5 Most Common Causes of Back Pain

Many people I see don’t know where their back or neck pain comes from.

Fortunately, they still chose to do something about it.

But even more people mistakenly think because the pain came on unexpectedly,
it will leave unexpectedly too.

Rarely the case…

Everything has a cause.
When we ignore it, it often resurfaces continually because it was never addressed.
The longer it does, the harder to treat later on.

Just waiting, or masking with pain killers or muscle relaxers rarely corrects the true underlying issue.

The smart choice is to get it corrected as soon as possible so it doesn’t effect you for years to come.

So you have a better idea of what to look for,
here are the 5 most common causes of back pain:

1. An acute accident or injury.  A slip and fall, muscle strain, vehicle accident, sprain from lifting or similar event often causes immediate pain.

2. Sub acute accident or injury. A relatively mild injury a day or so before the pain began. In many situations the event was so mild you did not even notice the injury.  Then sleeping and sitting incorrectly further emphasizes the issue.

3. Chronic pain from ongoing mechanical stress. Perfect example is a desk job that involves hours of sitting each day. Even if they have ergonomic furniture, the prolonged sitting and leaning forward causes back or neck pain.

4. Degenerative discs or joints. This is usually the result of disc and joint deterioration as a result of an injury long ago.  And in some cases a patient is simply more prone to early spinal degeneration as a result of genetics.

Degenerative joint conditions often develop silently for years and are not revealed until the patient realizes that their back pain is getting worse over time.

Degenerative disc processes also include bulging or herniated discs that can result in pinched nerves.

5. Other disease processes such as arthritis. Although patients are often told this, true arthritic conditions are not often the correct diagnosis. In many cases patients with degenerative disc conditions are misdiagnosed as having arthritis. It is important to get the diagnosis correct to make the best decisions about treatment.

Always Looking Out For You,
Dr Josh Wagner

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