4 Simple Steps to Greater Wellness in 2012

No matter what your New Year’s fitness plan may be, substantial weight loss, muscle-building and increased energy don’t happen overnight. But here’s a list of fast, simple, yet highly effective steps you can take TODAY to enhance your wellness.

Remember, wellness is a process and a lifestyle, but by implementing these steps into your daily life right away, you’ll feel some immediate benefits.

First Step Always…Hydrate! To make sure your body is absorbing the liquids you drink, leave a full glass (12-16 ounces) of water by your bed at night (add a dash of sea salt to aid the body’s absorption process), and drink the whole glass upon waking, first thing in the morning (it will be at room temperature, for best absorption). Before you even move around, drink up!
Pass the (Sea) Salt: Natural salts, that is. Use Himalayan or Celtic sea salt for any and all salting needs, because they’re some of the body’s best alkalizing agents, giving your body a greater internal environment to create health. Iodized or white table salt get the ejector button, pronto.

Breathe from Your Belly: Oxygen exchange through breathing is the single greatest and simplest tool for promoting a proper pH environment in your body (important for healthy metabolism and immune function). Here’s quick test to find out if you’re breathing properly: Take several breaths in with one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly. Which hand is moving up and down? See what it takes to make your belly hand move. You can train yourself to automatically breathe this way by practicing this for several minutes a day. Learn to breath from your belly; fully, deeply, and calmly, and you’ll give your emotional well-being a boost.

Chew the (Healthy) Fat: Consuming healthy fat stimulates your body to start burning fat, rather than storing it. You’ll feel more energy, boost your immune system, prevent depression, control inflammation and promote mental focus and clarity. Olive and coconut oil are great sources of healthy fats, along with avacados, walnuts, Brazil nuts and grass-fed beef.

And watch for many more tips and healthy ideas in 2012, including my new video newsletters, and via Twitter and Facebook. Happy New Year, everyone!

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